Lobby Design: Extending the Workplace

A Q&A with SMMA's Benjamin Abbett, Interior Designer, on the importance of lobby design....

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Designing for Nursing Mothers at Work

SMMA began working with global biopharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb to improve and expand their existing...

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Prioritizing Wellness in the Workplace

It’s a known fact that full-time employees often exceed the standardized 40 hours of work time in the office. When...

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Re-examining Glass Building Design: Exploring the Myths of Achieved Energy Savings

To aid Boston in reaching its sustainability goals, SMMA's Sustainability Group wants to turn their sights towards...

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On Creating Inclusive Environments: You Are Here

I strive to bring emphasis to our consumer habits and retail institutions which have seen little to no change in...

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Future Focused Schools

Future-Focused Schools

Dr. Bill Daggett gave a speech about how our education systems should evolve as technology and the job market have....

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