Dave Darling


Design Technology Manager


  • Dave's responsibilities include project work as an architectural designer and managing SMMA's Design Technology Group
  • Strategizes implementation of technology for the specific goals of each project and client
  • Draws on his analytical, deliberate, and goal-oriented nature to motivate and inspire innovative application of design technology tools in new workflows
  • Focuses his practice of architecture on life science and technology projects, working with clients such as Cytiva.

Harnessing Technology for Better Design 

Dave wrote his graduate thesis on phenomenology—the study of how humans interact with and experience architecture—and he is equally fascinated by the technical and technological aspects of design.

“I think very critically and analytically, and I see tremendous potential in leveraging new technology to inform our research and design decisions,” he explains. “The challenge is distilling the large amount of data we have into something useful and specific to each project or design goal.”

Training Initiative

Dave took the lead on the firm's selection of CASE Design, Inc. to deliver technology training via a state-funded workforce-training grant. Through this initiative, SMMA employees are gaining practical, hands-on experience with several different software platforms in a variety of applications. This engagement aims to elevate the universal proficiency of the firm with BIM tools, as well as generate new methodologies of project delivery and design.