Emily Modoono

Associate IIDA

Interior Designer


  • Emily serves as a lead interior designer for corporate and commercial projects and renovations
  • Draws on her experience in design and programming for corporate offices, corporate build-out work, conceptual space planning, and code compliance 
  • Excels at working with an array of corporate clients, discovering their unique aesthetics, and determining how design can improve employees’ work experiences
  • Mentors SMMA interior designers and connects upper-level and junior designers to foster a cohesive, open team environment

An Energetic Client

Emily enjoys working with corporate clients because of the diversity. “Each client is structured differently, so they undoubtedly have distinct needs,” she explains. “I appreciate the assortment: law firms to manufacturers to high-tech companies.” 

“One project that stands out is the headquarters fit-up we completed for GoDaddy in Cambridge. The GoDaddy team was very energetic and encouraged us to push the envelope for their young, dynamic corporate culture—it was fun to use some really unique wall coverings, tiles, materials, and finishes, including a beautiful copper barn conference room door."

"Our biggest challenges were the tight schedule and the small space; it was a true puzzle to incorporate all program elements in a way that granted flexibility—and to organize everything to the tiniest detail to finish the project in time. We created several multi-use spaces, such as the reception area that doubles as a meeting space.”

Team Leader and Role Model 

“When I joined SMMA several years ago, I remember that it seemed like everyone talked about door hardware on such a high level. It took me a very long time to become confident that I understood the specifics,” Emily explains. “That’s why I make it a point to explain these types of things—which can be easy for more senior designers to take for granted—to the younger designers. Our team here works very hard to ensure that everyone is comfortable navigating our systems and programs, and sharing their ideas along every step of the way. This translates to a tight-knit design team that’s fun to work with every day—as well as a more creative, dynamic design for our clients.”