Joel Seeley


Executive Vice President | Chief Operating Officer | OPM Group Leader


  • Provides strategy, project leadership, and design direction for SMMA clients
  • Oversees quality control standards and practices, while nurturing firm growth and development
  • Joined SMMA in 1994; has worked in multiple roles, including as a project architect and project manager for K-12, corporate, and commercial clients
  • Serves on Board of Directors and, as COO, oversees firm operations and financial health 
  • Enjoys the complexity inherent in visioning, funding, designing, and building public school projects

Career Commitment: Client Advocacy

Joel began working with clients early in his career. On his first project following his commencement from the University of Miami, he was assigned a client-facing role on a large contract his employer had with Miami International Airport. His approach on each project since has been to serve as an advocate for clients, developing design programs that fulfill their aspirations and shape a better future.

“My most important and satisfying role is helping our clients get to where they want to go.”

Depth of Experience

A Google search for “Joel Seeley SMMA” reveals how immersed Joel is in the design, funding, and building of schools in New England. The search results include local building committee minutes, news clips, and public presentations. During his nearly 20 years at SMMA, Joel has worked on school projects totaling more than $1B in construction for communities including Wellesley, Holbrook, Concord, and Marblehead.