Steven Vincent


Director of Project Management


  • Steve provides overall direction for all aspects of project design and construction, serving as the primary, day-to-day contact for clients

  • Specializes in corporate and commercial projects, as well as large-scale master planning

  • Combines engineering and architecture backgrounds to ensure seamless communication among all disciplines

  • Harnesses his diligent, goal-oriented, and flexible nature to successfully coordinate client goals into the built form

Helping Clients Attract Talent

“One of my favorite projects was GoDaddy’s Northeast Headquarters in Cambridge,” explains Steve. “The goal was to create a space that attracted the best and the brightest in web design and appealed to a younger workforce that’s more focused on collaboration.”

“I enjoyed working with such a high-tech client, and appreciated their unique their business model. A lot of fast decisions needed to be made—and all aspects of the design and construction processes had to be strictly on schedule. Together, we pulled it all off and created a very dynamic, appealing workplace. What could be more fun than a ping-pong table and kegerator in the office?” 

Focus on Aligning Great Teams 

Steve emphasizes the importance of flexibility throughout the entire design process. “We have to be able to adapt to clients’ changing needs and objectives,” he says. “I help make this happen by aligning the right people, promoting a timely flow of communication, and building up the connections among all parties. A well-aligned team is more motivated and better poised to adapt. The only inflexible aspect of this process is our commitment to the client’s goal.”