DPR Construction Settles into New Boston Home

DPR Construction, a national commercial contractor and construction manager, has officially taken up residence at its new Boston office, located in Cambridge, a move that marks the company’s expansion into the Northeast. “Opening this office allows us to better serve customers in the healthcare, life sciences, higher education, advanced technology and commercial markets,” said Greg Haldeman, management committee member for DPR, representing the Northeast region. “The Boston market is well suited for us as a builder focused on technically complex projects.” SMMA’s team of interior designers and architects set about creating an open office that would support DPR’s innovative approach to construction and reflect their culture of collaboration and inclusion.

Maximizing the space’s potential was a central goal for the project – the smaller layout provided an opportunity to practice a precise project approach, where even the smallest design decision took into account DPR’s culture. “Planning for efficiencies was our priority,” Marie Fitzgerald, SMMA’s Director of Interior Design explained. “We sought opportunities to enhance their mission and brand, while ensuring space that functionally supported their business goals.”

The new space incorporates an open concept that encourages employee interaction, with low panel workstations and a glass-walled conference room. Signature to DPR’s offices is a central gathering space complete with a wine bar, creating a destination that invites employees to transition from individual work to collaborative meetings.

Not one to forget the customers that inspire their work, DPR prioritized a friendly branded seating area that welcomes visitors into their new space. Textured carpeting and brick and wood finishes evoke a subtle reminder of DPR’s contractor reputation, while reclaimed wood signifies DPR’s commitment to sourcing locally.

DPR Construction currently has offices across the United States, with Boston being its latest addition.