Brian Postlewaite


Associate | Civil Engineer


  • Brian’s responsibilities comprise all aspects of site design for urban projects—including the development of plans, specifications, and construction documents, as well as construction administration 
  • Draws on his strong communication skills and extensive experience working with federal, state, and local agencies to ensure efficient permit preparation and execution
  • Excels at listening to and learning from clients, contractors, government officials, community members, and end users to develop a clear sense of a project’s challenges and potential solutions 
  • Committed to advancing more comfortable, productive, and enjoyable urban areas through design

A Complex Puzzle and Process

“Site design is a complex process,” explains Brian. “It’s all about finding what works best for the most people. Solving this puzzle requires an interactive, back-and-forth process. We’re given a project or problem from the client, then are tasked with coming up with several solutions, explaining them to the client, answering questions, and adjusting the solutions to meet changing needs or other factors. Then, the cycle repeats.”

Urban Design Success

Brian enjoys—and excels at—working on urban projects that need to achieve numerous goals within a constrained city space. Two notable examples are the 44 Burbank Street and Zinc multi-family projects, which each required substantial coordination with the cities of Boston and Cambridge, respectively.

The public sidewalks were significant challenges for these two projects.

“With so many people using these areas every day, including the building tenants, we simply had to get it right,” Brian says. “I spent a lot of time in the field talking with everyone I could. I learned a lot about the sites and conditions by talking to the contractors and neighbors. You start to hear the same things and piece it all together.”