Courtney Borelli




  • Courtney provides essential team support, including design and construction administration services
  • Coordinates communications among multiple project partners
  • Draws on her construction background, as well as design sensibilities, to promote practical solutions
  • Specializes in using rendering and 3D-modeling to provide understandable visual design representations for the client
  • Enjoys initiating and sustaining strong professional relationships

Courtney Borelli

A Family of Designers and Builders

“My father is a toolmaker, which is an incredibly interesting and somewhat dire profession,” says Courtney. “I grew up watching him make all kinds of tools, right in our home, from glass-pouring machines to tools commissioned by the U.S. Mint—even machines that make other machines! Watching him research, build, troubleshoot, and perfect tool after tool was very influential. I learned that it’s hard work not only to design something, but also to build it and get the outcome that you want. I also learned that it can be an endlessly fascinating and fun process.”

Drawn to SMMA

Before joining SMMA, Courtney worked for a construction management firm. “I worked on a project that SMMA was involved with,” she explains, “and I found the way their team worked together to be very impressive, especially technology-wise. I was intrigued by the use of 3D-modeling and the integrative approach.”

“Now that I work here, I’m enjoying the range of projects I’m involved in. My favorite so far has been 44 Burbank Street. It’s an interesting urban site, and there are some technical challenges for construction,” she says. “It is incredibly rewarding to see a finished project after you've overcome those challenges.”