Michael Holland


Principal Emeritus


  • In his time with the firm, Michael served as SMMA's senior civil engineer and lead site designer
  • Drew on his more than 30 years of experience in civil engineering, development design, environmental assessment, and stormwater management systems 
  • Strengthened SMMA’s site and civil engineering design offerings through strategic recruiting and fostered a collaborative, multidisciplinary site practice 
  • Mentored engineering staff and encouraged professional development opportunities 

Maximum Use from Constrained Sites

Michael’s extensive experience has several highlights, including the Gutierrez Company’s Westford Technology Park West and East. “These were fun projects for me for a number of reasons,” he explains. “We worked with the client for many years, so we had a lot of camaraderie and trust. The specific projects were also very interesting. Park East was created to be as flexible as possible to adapt to economic opportunities—including office, retail, and R&D spaces, along with a hotel and an assisted living project—and with this came several site design and permitting challenges for us to tackle.” 

“Park East’s design is similarly complex and flexible in its use, but much more complicated from a stormwater management perspective,” he says. Because of the site’s location on wetlands, Michael and the SMMA team carefully evaluated the existing hydrology, designed an innovative buffer zone that retained more square footage for the site, and implemented several strategic practices into the master plan to ensure proper storm water treatment—several of which are now considered best practices or required by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 

Focus on Strategic Recruiting 

“My greatest accomplishment here is hiring smart, diverse talent,” says Michael. “I take pride in contributing to SMMA’s collaborative, flexible culture. The key is to always hire others with a different point of view from your own—we actively seek intelligent people who are dedicated to the highest-quality design and communicate well.” 


“There’s nothing better than seeing others thrive and grow professionally,” he says. “And it’s a good thing, too, because it means I can spend more time pursuing my other passion—working on my farm in Central Massachusetts.”