Remon Boules


Associate | Mechanical Engineer


  • As a project mechanical engineer, Remon designs heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and also provides quality control services for corporate, commercial, and academic projects
  • Draws on experience designing, sizing, and selecting equipment and mechanical systems in coordinating project teams and organizing documentation
  • Excels at designing for complex buildings with complicated technological requirements
  • Mentors junior engineers 

Passion for Collaboration 

Before joining SMMA, Remon worked for MEP firms, “but I always wanted to join an integrated firm where there’s more collaboration. Here at SMMA, I really enjoy the opportunity to work with other engineers and architects. The coordination is much more of a team effort—after working in both settings I can attest to how this results in a better end product for our clients.” 

Remon describes his approach to mechanical design as having two parts: solitary research and intense collaboration.

“I approach every project with the mindset that there are many possible solutions,” he explains. “It requires deep thinking and time spent ‘sleeping on’ things. But I find that when we take this time, we come up with more innovative ideas and elegant outcomes. My team appreciates that I think things through—and I enjoy working closely with them to collaborate and achieve our clients’ goals.”