Anthony Iacovino


Senior Project Architect


  • Tony provides project architectural services to higher education, K-12, municipal, and private-sector clients 
  • Applies his 25+ years of experience and skills as a conceptual designer, renderer, and construction administrator to improve project delivery
  • Excels in working on large-scale projects, coordinating a multidisciplinary team, and coaching others to support professional growth 
  • Strengthens SMMA’s reputation for architectural creativity with his studied, considered approach to design 
  • Bridges the “generational technology gap” by combining his experience as a drafter with knowledge of current design technologies

A Green High School

“On all accounts, including sustainability, our SMMA team did a fantastic job on Winchester High School,” says Tony.

“Moving the entire site and building from scratch may have been the easier option, but we wanted to preserve as much as possible. Our engineering team also crafted a novel mechanical system that combined chilled beams with displacement air. I’m constantly studying and trying to keep up-to-date with the latest thinking in sustainable design—and our team here at SMMA is always excited to implement what we’ve learned.”

Organizational Success

The expansion of the McCarthy Dining Commons at Framingham State University highlights Tony’s design and organizational abilities. “We wanted this small space design to freshen up the entire campus, provide a uniquely beautiful gathering space, and solve several other smaller problems the university faced,” Tony explains. “The dining commons needed to be completed in just a few months while most of the students were away. This required intense organization and scheduling.” Tony and the SMMA team accomplished all these goals and won an Outstanding Design Award from American School & University magazine for the project.