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SMMA's John Alfeo, PE, Manager, Electrical Engineering.

John Alfeo

Associate | Manager, Electrical Engineering

SMMA's Alla Balashova, EIT, LEED AP BD+C, Electrical Designer

Alla Balashova

Electrical Designer

SMMA's Andrew Barros, Electrical Designer

Andrew Barros

Electrical Designer

SMMA's Richard Croswell, PE, SECB, LEED AP, Chief Structural Engineer

Richard Croswell

Principal | Chief Structural Engineer

SMMA's Stella Drizin, Electrical Designer

Stella Drizin

Senior Associate | Electrical Designer

SMMA's Paul Elliot, Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer

Paul Elliott

Associate | Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer

SMMA's Rafael Gurevich, PE, Electrical Engineer

Rafael Gurevich

Principal | Electrical Engineer

SMMA's Anthony Jimenez, PE, Electrical Engineer

Anthony Jimenez

Associate | Electrical Engineer

SMMA's Paul Livernois, PE, Senior Structural Engineer

Paul Livernois

Senior Associate | Senior Structural Engineer

SMMA's Robert Marshall, Manager, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

Robert Marshall

Associate | Manager, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

SMMA's Alexander Masi, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CBCP, Chief Electrical Engineer

Alexander Masi

Senior Associate | Chief Electrical Engineer

SMMA's Mark O'Brien, PE CBCP, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Director of Commissioning

Mark O'Brien

Principal | Chief Mechanical Engineer | Director of Commissioning

SMMA's Andrew Oldeman, PE, CEM, LEED AP, Director of Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

Andrew Oldeman

Principal | Vice President | Director of Engineering | Mechanical Engineer

SMMA's Lana Prokupets, LEED AP, Mechanical Department Manager

Lana Prokupets

Senior Associate | Mechanical Department Manager

SMMA's Brett Wilkinson, PE, Manager, Structural Engineering

Brett Wilkinson

Associate | Manager, Structural Engineering


Dear SMMA Clients and Friends, we hope you are well during these unprecedented times.

As our business continues to operate, we wanted to inform you of some changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click below to view our official statement.

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