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SMMA's Benjamin Abbett, Interior Designer.

Benjamin Abbett

Interior Designer

SMMA's John Alfeo, PE, Manager, Electrical Engineering.

John Alfeo

Associate | Manager, Electrical Engineering

SMMA's Alla Balashova, EIT, LEED AP BD+C, Electrical Designer

Alla Balashova

Electrical Designer

SMMA's Scott Bard, PE, Civil Engineer

Scott Bard

Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Andrew Barros, Electrical Designer

Andrew Barros

Electrical Designer

SMMA's Brian Black, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Project Architect

Brian Black

Associate | Project Architect

SMMA's Michael Bouchard, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, BECxP, Project Architect

Michael Bouchard

Senior Associate | Project Architect | Building Enclosure Group Leader

SMMA's Abigail Carroll, Interior Designer

Abby Carroll

Interior Designer

SMMA, Melanie Chamoff, LEED AP, Interior Designer

Melanie Chamoff

Associate | Interior Designer

SMMA's Carlos Charry, Director of Technology

Carlos Charry

Principal | Director of Technology

SMMA's Richard Croswell, PE, SECB, LEED AP, Chief Structural Engineer

Richard Croswell

Principal | Chief Structural Engineer

SMMA's David Darling, AIA, Architect, Design Technology Manager

David Darling

Senior Associate | Architect | Design Technology Manager

SMMA's Christopher Davis, CCP, CBCP, LEEP AP, Manager, Commissioning Group Leader

Christopher Davis

Senior Associate | Manager, Commissioning Group Leader

SMMA's Alan De Haan, AIA, CDT, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Project Architect

Alan De Haan

Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect

James Deitzer, AIA, Senior Project Architect

James Deitzer

Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect

SMMA's Antone Dias, CS, Associate AIA, On-Site Project Manager

Antone Dias

On-Site Project Manager

SMMA's Martine Dion, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Sustainable Design

Martine Dion

Principal | Director of Sustainable Design

SMMA's Michael Dowhan, ASLA, CLARB, Senior Landscape Architect

Michael Dowhan

Senior Associate | Senior Landscape Architect

SMMA's Stella Drizin, Electrical Designer

Stella Drizin

Senior Associate | Electrical Designer

SMMA's Andrew Elliot, ASLA, Senior Landscape Architect

Andrew Elliott

Senior Associate | Senior Landscape Architect

SMMA's Paul Elliot, Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer

Paul Elliott

Associate | Senior Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineer

SMMA's David Fanuele, RA, LEED AP BD+C, Project Architect

David Fanuele

Senior Associate | Project Architect

SMMA's Ryan Farias, Director of Marketing

Ryan Farias

Principal | Director of Marketing

Lorraine Finnegan, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, MCPPO, Project Manager

Lorraine Finnegan

Principal | Vice President | Director of K-12 Studio | Project Manager

SMMA's Marie Fitzgerald, IIDA, Director of Interior Design

Marie Fitzgerald

Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Interior Design

SMMA's Jocelyn Fleming, NCIDQ, Senior Interior Designer

Jocelyn Fleming

Senior Associate | Senior Interior Designer

SMMA's Anne Fontaine, AIA, LEED AP, Architect

Anne Fontaine

Senior Associate | Architect

SMMA's Peter Glick, PE, Civil Engineer

Peter Glick

Senior Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Rafael Gurevich, PE, Electrical Engineer

Rafael Gurevich

Principal | Electrical Engineer

SMMA's John Hart, PE, CDT, LEED AP, Manager, Civil Engineering

John Hart

Senior Associate | Manager, Civil Engineering

SMMA's Jennifer Hayes, RA, Assistant Project Architect

Jennifer Hayes

Assistant Project Architect

SMMA's Mariana Hernandez, AIA, Architect

Mariana Hernandez

Associate | Architect

SMMA's Jennifer Howe, PE, LEED AP, Director of Site Design, Director of Federal Government Studio

Jennifer Howe

Principal | Vice President | Director of Site Design | Director of Federal Government Studio

SMMA's Anthony Iacovino, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Project Architect

Anthony Iacovino

Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect

SMMA's Hector Inirio, Design Technologist

Hector Inirio

Associate | Design Technologist

SMMA's Yanmin Ji, RA, LEED AP BD+C, Project Architect

Yanmin Ji

Associate | Project Architect

SMMA's Anthony Jimenez, PE, Electrical Engineer

Anthony Jimenez

Associate | Electrical Engineer

SMMA's Maggie Kordonsky, Interior Designer

Maggie Kordonsky

Interior Designer

SMMA's Begum Koulbanis, Controller

Begum Koulbanis

Senior Associate | Controller

SMMA's Nick Koulbanis, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Higher Education Studio

Nick Koulbanis

Principal | Director of Higher Education Studio

SMMA's Ara Krafian, PE, Chief Executive Officer

Ara Krafian

Chairman | President | Chief Executive Officer

SMMA's Michael Kyes, AIA, LEED AP, Architecture Team Leader

Michael Kyes

Senior Associate | Architecture Team Leader

SMMA's Brian Lawlor, PE, LEED AP, Executive Vice President

Brian Lawlor

Principal | Executive Vice President

SMMA's Joseph LeClair, LEEP AP, Senior Architectural Designer

Joseph LeClair

Senior Associate | Senior Architectural Designer

SMMA's Paul Livernois, PE, Senior Structural Engineer

Paul Livernois

Senior Associate | Senior Structural Engineer

SMMA's Sarah Long, Associate IIDA, Interior Designer

Sarah Long

Interior Designer

SMMA's Jennifer Lyle, NCIDQ, Associate IIDA, Interior Designer

Jennifer Lyle

Interior Designer

SMMA's Diego Macias, RA, LEED AP BD+C, EIT, Architect

Diego Macias

Associate | Design Technologist

SMMA's Robert Marshall, Manager, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

Robert Marshall

Associate | Manager, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering

SMMA's Alexander Masi, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CBCP, Chief Electrical Engineer

Alexander Masi

Senior Associate | Chief Electrical Engineer

SMMA's Heather McCormack, Director of Administration

Heather McCormack

Senior Associate | Director of Administration

SMMA's Ryan McDermott, Architect

Ryan McDermott


SMMA's Kendyl McEntee, SHRM-CP, Director of Human Resources

Kendyl McEntee

Associate | Director of Human Resources

SMMA's Jonathan Merin, AIA, PMP, LEEP AP, Project Manager

Jonathan Merin

Senior Associate | Project Manager

SMMA's Genevieve Messina, Interior Designer

Genevieve Messina

Interior Designer

SMMA's Emily Modoono, Associate IIDA, Interior Designer

Emily Modoono

Senior Associate | Interior Designer

SMMA's Laura Monies, RLA, AICP, LEED AP, Landscape Architect, Planner

Laura Monies

Senior Associate | Landscape Architect | Planner

SMMA's Shahe Nalbandian, Associate AIA, Designer and Lab Specialist

Shahe Nalbandian

Associate | Designer and Lab Specialist

SMMA's H. Geoffrey Neale, Chief Financial Officer

H. Geoffrey Neale

Principal | Chief Financial Officer

SMMA's Kristin Norwood, AIA, CDT, CSI, Senior Specifications Writer

Kristin Norwood

Senior Specifications Writer

SMMA's Mark O'Brien, PE CBCP, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Director of Commissioning

Mark O'Brien

Principal | Chief Mechanical Engineer | Director of Commissioning

SMMA's Tracey O'Connor, CPSM, Marketing Manager

Tracey O'Connor

Associate | Marketing Manager

SMMA's Andrew Oldeman, PE, CEM, LEED AP, Director of Engineering, Mechanical Engineer

Andrew Oldeman

Principal | Vice President | Director of Engineering | Mechanical Engineer

SMMA's Kristen Olsen, AIA, MCPPO, Project Manager

Kristen Olsen

Associate | Project Manager

SMMA's Kelly Papa, Assistant Project Manager

Kelly Papa

Assistant Project Manager

SMMA's Michael Pardek, AIA, Architect

Michael Pardek

Principal | Architect

SMMA's William Park, PE, CDT, Civil Engineer

William Park

Senior Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Eric Peterson, AIA, Senior Project Architect

Eric Peterson

Senior Associate | Senior Project Architect

SMMA's Alex Pitkin, AIA, MCPPO, Director of Institutional Practice Studios

Alex Pitkin

Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Institutional Practice Studios

SMMA's Phillip Poinelli, FAIA, ALEP, LEEP AP, Learning Environment Planner

Philip Poinelli

Principal | Learning Environment Planner

SMMA's Erin Prestileo, PE, Civil Engineer

Erin Prestileo

Senior Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Lana Prokupets, LEED AP, Mechanical Department Manager

Lana Prokupets

Senior Associate | Mechanical Department Manager

SMMA's Christopher Racine, PE, Civil Engineer

Christopher Racine

Associate | Civil Engineer

SMMA's Matthew Rice, AIA, LEEP AP BD+C, MCPPO, Project Architect

Matthew Rice

Principal | Project Architect

SMMA's Aimee Schefano, NCIDQ, Associate IIDA, Interior Designer

Aimee Schefano

Associate | Interior Designer

SMMA's John Scott, AIA, ACHA, Project Director

John Scott

Principal | Project Director

SMMA's Joel Seeley, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, MCPPO, Chief Operating Officer

Joel Seeley

Principal | Executive Vice President | Chief Operating Officer

SMMA's Jessica Smith, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Technology Studio, Project Manager

Jessica Smith

Principal | Director of Technology Studio | Project Manager

SMMA's Robert Smith, On-Site Project Manager

Robert Smith

On-Site Project Manager

SMMA's Sarah Sopelak, NCIDQ, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, Interior Designer

Sarah Sopelak

Associate | Interior Designer

SMMA's Jennifer Soucy, AIA, Project Architect

Jennifer Soucy

Senior Associate | Project Architect

SMMA's Mark Spaulding, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Design

Mark Spaulding

Principal | Senior Vice President | Director of Design

SMMA's Kevin Stevenson, BECxP, Building Enclosure Commissioning Authority

Kevin Stevenson

Architecture | Building Enclosure Commissioning Authority

Peter Stockman, Architecture

Peter Stockman


SMMA's Steven Szramiak, Associate AIA, Project Manager

Steven Szramiak

Senior Associate | Project Manager

Jennifer Tedeschi, NCIDQ, Interior Designer

Jennifer Tedeschi

Associate | Interior Designer

SMMA's Alyssa Tompkins, Interior Designer

Alyssa Tompkins

Interior Designer

SMMA's Sarah Traniello, Project Coordinator

Sarah Traniello

Project Coordinator

SMMA's Allison Ucci, Graphic Design Manager

Allison Ucci

Associate | Graphic Design Manager

SMMA's Serena Victor, Human Resources Generalist

Serena Victor

Human Resources Generalist

SMMA's Steven Vincent, AIA, LEED AP, Director of Project Management

Steven Vincent

Principal | Director of Project Management

SMMA's Adrian Walters, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Life Science Studio

Adrian Walters

Senior Project Architect | Director of Life Science Studio

SMMA's Dana Watts, AIA, Project Director

Dana Watts

Principal | Project Director

SMMA's Patrick Weygint, RCDD, Technology Designer

Patrick Weygint

Associate | Technology Designer

SMMA's Brett Wilkinson, PE, Manager, Structural Engineering

Brett Wilkinson

Associate | Manager, Structural Engineering

SMMA's Benjamin Williams, Architectural Designer

Benjamin Williams

Architectural Designer


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